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FYS are intended for first-year students and in most circumstances, each first-year student may take only one FYS. First-year students who take a FYS in the fall semester may enroll in a second FYS in the spring after courses have begun (or if they receive permission from the FYS Dean to register), but they cannot enroll in a second FYS during normal registration.

One important goal of the FYS Program is to facilitate the success of our full-time students who are in their first year of college. Thus, part-time students are not eligible to register in FYS, and although transfer students are in their first year at Carolina, they are not considered first-year students from the perspective of FYS eligibility. Transfer students whose transfer credits cause them to be classified as “freshmen” may be permitted to enroll in a FYS but they must request and receive permission of the FYS Dean.

A first-year student whose first semester at Carolina is in the spring may miss the opportunity to enroll in a FYS because his or her official designation as a student occurs late in the registration schedule when most FYS will already be filled.  Any incoming student who faces this situation can contact the FYS Dean before enrolling to see if an arrangement can be made that will facilitate his or her mid-year entry into college by reserving a seat in a FYS.