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Incoming first-year students indicate their interest in specific FYS by filling out the Academic Interest Survey and GRR Form (please note that Honors Carolina students have a separate registration process). Based on the survey results, students are pre-registererd by Academic Advising and the Office of the Registrar for two courses (for a total of six credit hours), one of which may be a FYS . Most FYS seats are made available during this process. The remaining seats for fall FYS are released during the New First Year Student Orientation summer registration sessions. Seats in the FYS are apportioned and released systematically throughout the summer so that each of the sessions has approximately the same ratio of students to available FYS seats. Seats that are made available during these registration sessions open the moment the session begins. Registering students who have FYS in their “shopping carts” are likely to see some FYS seats open and then close as their fellow students register for these sections. Beginning in early August, all first-year students can drop and add FYS from their schedule using the Connect Carolina online registration system.


First-year students who enrolled in a FYS during the fall will be blocked from spring FYS registration for a few days during the registration period, providing an opportunity for first-year students who have not had a chance to register in a FYS to do so for the spring. Students can only participate in this spring pre-registration if they are eligible to register (i.e., they have no “flags” on their account that would block their registration). Controlled enrollment is removed from spring FYS at the end of the pre-registration process so that all first-year students can drop and add FYS.  


Registration for FYS continues during the drop-add period, but many FYS become flagged as “Permission of Instructor Required”. This limitation is imposed because some FYS move so quickly that missing the first classes can put a student too far behind to be successful in the course. If the online registration system shows that a seat is available in an FYS and online registration is not successful, the student should contact the instructor (via e-mail, phone, or office visit) and express interest in enrolling in the FYS. If enrollment is feasible, the instructor will notify the departmental course registration officer and the student will be added to the FYS.