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Instructions for Scheduling FYS

  • FYS should be scheduled in ConnectCarolina during the Course Scheduling Maintenance period set by the Registrar’s Office.
  • FYS should be scheduled using a standard time slot and meet at least twice a week (i.e., Tue/Thu). Some instructors prefer to hold one long seminar per week and/or to meet at a non-standard time, but this makes it difficult for students to schedule other courses. FYS instructors who seek an exception to this policy should send a request and explanation to the Associate Dean (
  • FYS should be scheduled with an enrollment cap of 24 unless the instructor has requested and been granted permission to set a lower cap. Instructors who teach their FYS in a format that works best with fewer than 24 students should send a request and explanation to the Associate Dean (
  • FYS should not have a waitlist. An instructor may opt to put a waitlist on a FYS on the first day of classes.
  • FYS should not have an instructor or department consent requirement. An instructor may opt to put the instructor consent requirement on a FYS on the first day of classes.
  • If you make changes to an FYS after March 1 (for the subsequent fall term) or after October 1 (for the subsequent spring term), please contact Ben Haven. The FYS Office uses the information from Connect Carolina to put together the First Year Seminar Online Course List for the fall and spring terms; however, the FYS Office relies on notifications from course scheduling officers to help keep the Online Course List up to date.

Scheduling FYS Special Topics (89) Courses

  • Instructors offering a new FYS must submit an FYS Prospectus Form with an attached course syllabus by October 1 for the subsequent spring term and by March 1 for the subsequent fall term. The online form is available at
  • The new course must be scheduled as an 89 Special Topics section. When scheduling a FYS under the 89 number in ConnectCarolina, please be sure to include the title of the course within the Free Format Topic section of the Meetings tab in all caps. If the instructor has not yet relayed the title of the course to you, please remove the Free Format Topic if it has rolled over from a previous term.
  • If this is the second time offering the same seminar under your 89 course number, the instructor does not need to submit a new Prospectus Form.
  • If a FYS Special Topics 89 course has been offered twice, please have the instructor submit the course for a permanent number using the Curriculum Inventory Management System (CIM). This will ensure that it is available as a permanent number for scheduling next time.