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Eligible Students

First-year students in their first year at UNC are eligible to register in FY Seminars. This group includes  

  • incoming and continuing first-year students
  • transfer students (including Carolina Global Launch students) who transfer in fewer than 24 college-level credits (received by taking college courses)

Registration Limits

Students are limited to a maximum of one FY Seminar or FY Launch. You may take one or the other, but not both.

Registration Process

Fall FY Seminar Registration

  • Continuing first-year students (i.e., spring first-year admits) will register for fall FY Seminars during their designated registration sessions in Waves 1 and 2.
  • Incoming first-year students
    • 1) indicate their interest in specific FY Seminars by filling out the First-Year Pre-Registration Survey (please note that Honors Carolina students have a separate registration process for Honors FY Seminar). Based on the survey results, students are pre-registered for two classes, one of which may be a FY Seminar. Most FY Seminar seats are made available during this process. If they don’t fill out the survey, they will be pre-registered into 1-2 other appropriate First-Year Foundations classes. Please note that not all students are pre-registered. If a student comes in after the process has completed in mid-June, they will have an opportunity to register for FY Seminars during their summer registration session in July or August.
    • 2) incoming FY students are able to register for more classes to fill out the rest of their fall schedule during their First-Year Student Orientation summer registration sessions (these begin in July and run through early August). Seats in FY Seminar that are made available during these registration sessions open the moment the session begins. Registering students who have FY Seminar in their “shopping carts” are likely to see some FY Seminar seats open and then close as their fellow students register for these sections.

Beginning in early August, all first-year students can drop and add FY Seminar from their schedule using the Connect Carolina online registration system.

Spring FY Seminar Registration

  • Incoming spring first-year students can register for spring FY Seminar sections as soon as enroll at UNC-Chapel Hill and are term activated.  
  • Continuing first-year students can register for spring FY Seminar sections during their assigned registration sessions in Waves 1 and 2.

Summer Session Registration

  • Incoming fall first-year students may register in a Summer Session FY Seminar once they enroll at UNC-Chapel Hill and are term activated for the summer, before their arrival in fall.
  • Continuing first-year students will register for a Summer Session FY Seminar during their designated registration sessions.

Registration After the First Day of Classes

After the first day of classes, some FY Seminar become flagged as “Permission of Instructor Required”. This limitation is imposed because some FY Seminar move so quickly that missing the first classes can put a student too far behind to be successful in the course. If the online registration system shows that a seat is available in an FY Seminar and online registration is not successful, the student should contact the instructor (via e-mail, phone, or office visit) and express interest in enrolling in the FY Seminar. If enrollment is feasible, the instructor will notify the course registration officer in their department and the student will be added to the FY Seminar.