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Students find many reasons to love their FYS. After years of basic education, the opportunity to participate in a genuine intellectual, scientific, or creative experience is an invigorating breath of fresh air. The small class size and the creative in-class and out-of-class activities provide ample time to become acquainted with the instructor, and for many students, their FYS instructor is the UNC faculty member who they know the best, with a personal relationship that lasts long beyond the semester. Finally, the FYS group activities and shared experiences are conducive to establishing relationships with peers, often leading to enduring friendships and camaraderie.

Listen to some students describe their FYS experience:

“Before I took this class, I never knew there was so much more to being black than just the color of the skin and African ancestry. To define “Blackness” I had to dig a little deeper than what I expected and examine things that I never gave thought to before. As an African American student I thought I knew exactly what it meant to be Black….but it seems that I was mistaken.”
Keyonda P., class of 2014

“My first year seminar provided an excellent chance to learn more about art history. I enjoy producing art but had never gotten the chance to learn and understand the influence of history, specifically war and revolution, on the artist. This course was a unique experience that has made me aware of historical relevance regarding revolutionary art pieces.”
Zainab S., class of 2014

Through my first year seminar experience, I was given opportunities that I thought would only be available to seniors and graduate students. Working in Wilson Library with manuscripts from the 18th century south was an experience that I won’t I will be able to find in any other class. It made my first semester transition easier and more exciting because of the aid of my professors.
Mary B., class of 2014

My first year seminar provided a supportive community of friends in my first semester of college. Not only did I make what I’m sure will be enduring friendships with my peers, but I also forged a relationship with a brilliant professor whose work interests me and on whom I feel I can rely to ask for help. Without POLI 065, I would not be spending my summer interning in Washington D.C.
Kathleen B., class of 2014

My First Year Seminar taught me a new way of thinking that applies in and out of the classroom. I now view problems as opportunities, strive to challenge the status quo, and embrace innovation in my studies, extracurricular activities, and everyday life.
Anna S., class of 2014